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Building template market situation

2019-08-08 18:25:55 MDRP

First, the industry status quo

With the global population growing, in the next few hundred years or even decades, housing pressure will be very prominent, while foreign countries have been phased out of this low value-added products, China's low-cost products have occupied Part of the market share.It is for these reasons, China's construction template industry will continue to develop.

Building template is a temporary support structure, according to the design requirements, so that the concrete structure, components according to the provisions of the location, geometric shape, to maintain its correct position, and bear the building template and the role of the external load on its external load. The purpose of the template project is to ensure the quality of concrete construction and construction safety, speed up the construction progress and reduce the project cost.

The construction industry in the future development has great potential for development, therefore, the use of building materials will become increasingly large, building templates as the construction industry indispensable building materials, will also be widely used. According to the experts estimate that in the future time, the use of building templates will continue to grow, but the new material has been constantly emerging, the building template in the future is between a material by the Instead of is not impossible, therefore, in order to stand firm in building materials will continue to innovate and develop.

Second, the development direction
The development of appropriate local conditions for the development of new template system, in the technical and technical courses to produce some reliable quality, cheap and large template. Develop the use of some of the more advanced technology abrasive.At the same time, to gradually limit and eliminate some of the traditional Backward materials and construction technology, prohibit the use of inferior and unqualified templates.With the scientific and technological knowledge, increase investment in science and technology, carry out new templates and their application technology research, and to develop and promote. Focus on large template, cylindrical mold and other technology Technical equipment.

Third, the status quo abroad
Some developed countries, especially Europe and the United States, attach great importance to the construction template technology.New building templates production and technology applications developed rapidly, has reached the highest level.They use good quality, good durability of the mold material, the application of industrial pipelines Production and processing of high precision sets of mold and template system, the use of modular, assembly of the tool system. Some countries in the tunnel, high-rise construction, is the development of automatic movements, rapid disassembly of the process, the template trial specialized construction, a professional construction team or by the template manufacturer design and installation, the standard system is relatively sound, uniform and detailed Of the product involved and construction technical standards.
In the implementation of a unified standard under the premise of the implementation of simplified structure, detailed decoration, emphasizing unity, emphasizing the cost of the design principles, so that the template system to achieve modular, assembly, tooling. Therefore, the template of developed countries can not only report to the quality of concrete works, and have a good comprehensive technical and economic benefits.

Fourth, the main indicators
Main Specifications:
915x1830mm; 1220x2440mm;

Main thickness:
12mm, 15mm, 18mm;

Main film:
Made black film, domestic brown film, too Seoul brown film;

Poplar, eucalyptus, birch

Urea formaldehyde glue (MR), melamine gel, phenolic glue (WBP)

Thickness tolerance: GB ± 0.5mm, the actual shipment of -0.5 ~ -0.7mm

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