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The security of the template

2019-08-08 18:29:00 MDRP

Large templates and accessories into the scene, according to the design specifications and design drawings required quality standards for the second acceptance, frame shear structure engineering, template is the key, to ensure the quality of the project, striving for Anji Cup. In the construction industry, every small difference may lead to the failure of the entire project. In order to save the construction site space, the site configuration large template support frame to store idle large template. The exit building template must be dimensionally accurate and smooth; with sufficient bearing capacity, stiffness and stability, it can reliably withstand the weight and side pressure of the new pouring concrete, as well as the construction load;
    1. Column template footing, concrete in the building floor with the pound with the light construction, pay attention to the foot of the foot parts of the smooth work; while the column before the installation of the column according to the location of the column control line, paste double-sided sponge glue. This control column concrete pouring, the foot foot leakage phenomenon, to avoid the leakage of the floor of the building on the ground pollution and damage.
    2. The bathroom, the balcony and the general floor of the ground may be designed to exist 30 ~ 50mm height difference, this part of the angle iron mold, after pouring concrete in the concrete after the end of the angle removed iron mold, And beautiful.
    3. Column and plate node parts, in the column after the installation of the template, check the template on the mouth of the straightness and stability, the use of bolts to control the column template position, so that the floor ceiling can ensure that the corners of the square and straight.
    4. All the floor template patchwork in the premise of ensuring strict, while at the joints are attached plastic tape, to avoid or eliminate the phenomenon of leakage slurry. Leaky pulp not only affects the quality of reinforced concrete, affecting the flatness of the floor ceiling, while contaminating the lower floor has been formed.
    Modern pouring concrete structure construction of the export building template, is to ensure that the concrete structure in accordance with the design requirements of pouring concrete forming a temporary model structure, slope roofing template support is a key part of the entire roof system. It is related to the slope of the roof and the bar on the roof of the bar, the stability of concrete construction, safety, reliability, which requires a solid model, stable, enough to withstand all the load capacity. Before the construction, require technicians to technical workers to hand over technology, so that workers understand the design intent, as well as all the safety precautions at high altitude.

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