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Ammonium chloride

Ammonium chloride, referred to as ammonium chloride, is a kind of inorganic substance, chemical formula is NH4Cl, is the ammonium salt of hydrochloric acid, mostly as a by-product of alkali industry. Nitrogen content of 24% ~ 26%, white or slightly yellow square or octahedral small crystals, there are two kinds of powder and granular dosage form, granular ammonium chloride is not easy to absorb moisture, easy to store, and powder ammonium chloride is more used as the basic fertilizer for the production of compound fertilizer.

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Chemical properties

  1. The aqueous solution is weakly acidic, and the acid is enhanced when heated. It is corrosive to ferrous metals and other metals, especially to copper, and has no corrosive effect on pig iron. Mixing ammonia gas with hydrogen chloride gas, there will be white smoke generation, the white smoke is ammonium chloride;

  2. Heat dissolves easily

    The reaction is reversible, in which the two substances recombine to form ammonium chloride.

    Reaction with sulfuric acid;


  1. recrystallization method: the crude ammonium chloride added to the dissolute, through the steam to dissolve, after filtration, the filtrate cooling crystallization, centrifugal separation, drying, industrial ammonium chloride products. The mother liquor separated by centrifugation is returned to the dissolver for use;

  2. Multiple decomposition method: First adding ammonium chloride for liquor after heated to 105 ℃ in the reactor, add ammonium sulfate and salt and double decomposition reaction at 117 ℃, to generate the ammonium chloride solution and sodium sulfate crystallization, the filtration separation to remove sodium sulfate, ammonium chloride saturated solution cooling to the crystallizer, cooling crystallization precipitation to 32 ~ 35 ℃, filtering, the crystallization respectively using 4 different concentrations of ammonium chloride solution leaching, control of Fe < 0.008%, < 0.001%, after washed out to qualified, with ammonium chloride solution to dispatch crystallization into slurry, is sent to the centrifuge separation dehydration, then through hot air drying, industrial ammonium chloride was finished. The mother liquor is sent to the decomposing reactor for recycling. The sodium sulfate separated by filtration is used to produce sodium sulfate;

  3. In the gas-liquid synthesis method, hydrogen chloride gas is passed into the bottom of the turbulent absorption tower, and it    contacts with the circulating mother liquid sprayed on the top of the tower to generate ammonium chloride mother liquid saturated with hydrogen chloride flowing into the reactor, and the neutralization reaction with ammonia gas is carried out to generate ammonium chloride saturated solution. After being cooled to 30 ~ 45℃, supersaturated ammonium chloride crystals are precipitated out. The ammonium chloride solution on the upper part of the mould is sent to the air cooler for cooling and circulation to the mould. The lower crystal slurry was thickened by thickener and then centrifuged to obtain ammonium chloride. The mother liquor separated by centrifugation is sent to the turbulent absorption tower for recycling. 

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